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Preventive Maintenance

What's In It For You ??
  • Saves you MONEY

  • A more DEPENDABLE vehicle

  • Less chance of a costly

  • A SAFER vehicle for you
    and your family

  • Doing your part for

  • An intact Manufacturer's

  • A vehicle that's WORTH MORE
    at trade-in or sale

Power Steering fluid turns dark due to extreme temperature and starts to break down. Your power steering pump and rack & pinion begin to clog with sludge and varnish deposits. The sludge and varnish can cause stiffness, leaks or complete system failure.
  • Road test for power steering operation

  • Flush power steering lines and steering pump

  • Thorough cleaning of all internal parts

  • Install power steering additive to revitalize seals and O-rings

  • Remove the old oxidized power steering fluid harmful deposits and impurities, and replace it with fresh new fluid

  • Dissolve and remove gums and varnish from your power steering unit

  • Recondition seals

  • Alleviates steering pump squeal

  • Alleviates noise, stiffness and rough & hard turning

  • Helps prevent hard steering on cold starts

  • Helps prevent internal power steering leakage from developing

  • Reduces wear to the system

  • Extends life of all hydraulic power steering components

RECOMMENDED SERVICE every 24,000 miles
Experience has taught us that by servicing your power steering unit two or three times during the life of your vehicle, we can likely prevent you from having costly rack and pinion or pump replacement in the future.

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