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Full Service Car Care

Preventive Maintenance

What's In It For You ??
  • Saves you MONEY

  • A more DEPENDABLE vehicle

  • Less chance of a costly

  • A SAFER vehicle for you
    and your family

  • Doing your part for

  • An intact Manufacturer's

  • A vehicle that's WORTH MORE
    at trade-in or sale

30 / 60 / 90 MILE SERVICE
This service is recommended at these major milestones to ensure that your vehicle's performance and longevity are maximized. Proper education and scheduling of these services is the joint responsibility of the manufacturer, the vehicle owner and our Service Advisors.
  • Inspect and evaluate vehicle components and systems

  • Maintenance schedule of items recommended to your specific model vehicle

  • Record of technician recommendations of services

  • Factory schedules for normal and severe driving conditions

  • Maximize fuel economy

  • A smoother, safer vehicle

  • Extends life of vehicle components

  • Keeps your vehicle in peak operating condition

  • Reduce risk of unexpected breakdowns

  • Avoids costly repairs due to component or system failure

  • Protect vehicle warranty

  • Maximize resale value of vehicle

RECOMMENDED SERVICE every 30,000 / 60,000 / 90,000 miles
Driving conditions that seem "normal" to us are considered "severe" by factory standards due to the mountainous area we live in. Your vehicle may require this "severe" maintenance schedule and need more frequent inspection of specific components, especially the braking system. Driving up and down our mountain roads puts more added stress on the brakes than people realize.

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